Friday, September 2, 2016

Review: Bad Apple

Bad Apple Bad Apple by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bad Apple - book 4 in the Uncertain Saints MC could be read as a standalone but I highly recommend reading them all in order.

Apple "Core" Drew is closed off. He's surviving each day, barely, living with guilt and the MC is the thing that saves him. It gives him that tiny bit of hope, something to keep him going.
He has a tortured past that makes waking up each day a painful experience and making it through each day tough. Prospecting for the Uncertain Saints has given him purpose, an outlet, something other than constantly reliving his past.

Kitt has her own struggles. Living with an illness that causes her brother to be more than over protective, he babies and virtually smothers the heck out of his baby sister.

Kitt & Core have alot in common, their bother pretty broken people and in most cases you need one person to save the broken hero/heroine but in this case these two are just what the other needs.

Things seem to be going great until one little slip up pushes Core away. He can't be the reason Kitt's life is ruined, he refuses to be the man that destroys her. Little does he know staying away does more to hurt her than being by her side ever could.

When danger comes into Kitt's life will Core be around to save her?

I can never truly express how much I love these books. All the MC members are broken or tortured in some way and their stories at times break your heart but their brothers are always there to save them from themselves, to get them through whatever they face one day at a time. Then you throw in the unbelievable women and this series will have you addicted from the first book.
Apple gets 5 stars, he's a truly amazing man to move on and become what his family needs after all he'd been through.

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