Friday, September 2, 2016

Review: Two Can Play

Two Can Play Two Can Play by Victoria Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blaze is the hottest addition to Alpha house. The most requested on, he makes a killing showing off his substantial package and has an unlimited supply of women willing to warm his bed. And now with his new position he's allowing him to come up with creative new ideas for the house he's on top of the world.
He's content with his lifestyle, he's an up and comer enjoying the attention and the cash.
Until Karma walks into Alpha house.

Karma is one badass chick. She runs her own tattoo/piercing shop and is independent.
She's got history, a past that makes her leery of anything more than the rare one nighter with a man. She doesn't need one around constantly telling her how to live her life. After having pierced all the guys at Alpha house's junk she knows what their packing, so when she shows up and Blaze pulls her on stage for a little show she knows what she's getting into.

Or so she thought.

Blaze & Karma are explosive together, their heat level is off the charts, for the first time Blaze is happy to chase after her to keep her in his bed. She on the other hand wants to continue to push him away no matter how good they are together.
She's not immune to him, but as long as he doesn't get too close or put his hands on her she can walk away.

Okay so I may be the only one who hadn't read book one prior to this one, it's on my kindle I swear but things happen an that book you were dying to read on release day ends up buried under pages and pages of newer purchases and before you know it you've forgotten it. So I went into this one with no idea who anyone was, what their roles were and no back story. Did this hurt one little bit? Nope. Would I have liked to know Lynx's story, yes but even without it this can be read on it's own without losing the reader.
I found myself smirking at Blaze's behavior early on and adoring him soon after. He may get paid to put on a show but he's not the typical stripper/man whore you would expect. That being said he's no saint either. He's cocky, with good reason, but just the right amount without going overboard and making you want to roll your eyes at his every other word. His confidence didn't ruin the book for me as it walked that fine line between self assured an obnoxiously cocky keeping himself well balanced.

Karma's strong willed, an though she's pretty outgoing as far as her work goes she's pretty closed off and keeps to herself in her personal life. Thankfully Blaze won't allow that and continues to push her.

Loved the characters, the story line, the secondary characters. The humor, the sex and the bickering. This book has a bit of everything and now I'll be digging out book one and reading it asap.

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