Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Review: F*CK Reality Take One

F*CK Reality Take One F*CK Reality Take One by Raegan Matthews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Raegan Matthews debut novel is highly entertaining.
A man who basically has to marry to inherit is tricked into signing up as the bachelor and a woman who has no interest in marrying someone she doesn't love is forced into trying something new by her father and best friend, that something new being a reality show.
Brooke I did like early on, her love and commitment to her family made her a likable character.
Brock on the other hand I'd like to have slapped in the beginning. He was a prick, both to women and his family. At his age he should have been a bit more serious about his life and it shouldn't have taken being threatened to get his ass in gear.
Eventually though he grew on me, I was happy to see his adjustment to sleeping with just one woman didn't take forever and he didn't cheat on Brooke.

I will say it took me a bit to get into. I'm not a huge reality tv fan, I don't care who the new bachelor is or how many cat fights there were so that alone was a strike against this book initially, but I'm a reader and I'll try anything once.
Honestly if you can get through the initial 10-12 chapters it gets really good. I just had a hard time connecting with the characters or the story line early on. As far as a debut goes it's pretty good, I finished the book, I enjoyed it after about the 30-35% mark. Had it sucked me in from the beginning and kept me glued to the pages it would be a 4.5 but the fact that in the first few chapters I could take it or leave it this is a 4 star book. 4 stars because I did finish it, the author did draw me into the story (though later than I prefer) and in the end I was glad I pushed on past the beginning.

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